About Dennis


 Dennis About Page PicA little blurb about me

I’m passionate about helping business owners live their dream. That’s why I’m doing this. I’m a seasoned marketing professional obsessed with churning big ideas and creating even bigger results.

 Over the course of my career I’ve worn several hats outside of marketing: 

  • As a management consultant, I’ve advised some of the largest companies in the world
  • As a sales professional, I’ve developed, penetrated, increased market share
  • As a risk consultant, I advised multi-national companies on managing their business and technology risks

I live in Los Angeles with palm trees and sunshine. I enjoy staying active, traveling in Europe, reading, hanging with great friends, and eating good food. I’m really interested in people – figuring out why they do what they do, which probably explains why I’m so passionate about the discipline of marketing. I really like to laugh. Subtle humor (like this sign that I found recently) really gets me going… which, by the way is marketing GENIUS:

 Sandwich Board Yelp Pic

But the one thing that really differentiates me from most is that I REALLY CARE about others. And this becomes quickly evident as I work with my clients. I don’t have the hardwiring to not care. That’s just not me, it’s not who I am.

Where your business needs a marketing jolt, I can help you. And the strategies I can teach you are simple and can be implemented easily. You can make huge improvements by taking just a few key steps. Let me show you how.

 Enough about me…. I want to learn more about you. 

 Your friend,

Dennis Paresa