Hire Dennis When You Need Him


dennisparesalifestylesmall-53-1This is an ideal solution for business owners who’d like an advisor in their corner – an advisor that can give them recommendations on how to grow their business. The main difference between this option and the Virtual Director of Marketing option is that this doesn’t require a 3-month commitment. You can invest in my time by the hour.

Here are just several examples of how I can be helpful for you:

  • Reviewing your current marketing strategy and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Providing a second-set of eyes on the marketing related work (e.g., social media, SEO, website development, etc.) that other contractors are doing for you. (This is a really good option for those business owners who want confirmation that they’re getting their money’s worth for the money they’re spending on other services. How do you know you’re social media consultant is doing a good job? How do you know if your website developer is doing the “right” things for your website?)
  • Providing advice on how to bolster your social media presence.
  • Reviewing/writing website or advertising copy.
  • Showing you how to turn your website into a marketing engine for your business.

The cost to hire me is $95 per hour. You can hire me for as many or as little hours as you’d like.

There are many more examples of how I can serve you here. If any of this appeals to you, please call me (425-359-0254) or email me at dennis@dennisparesa.com for more information. I’ll do be my best to respond the same day.