5 Simple Ways to Positively Impact Your Customers

May 20th, 2014

You’re missing out big time if you’re not engaging with your customers on a personal level. If you staying up at the fringe of “I’ll see you when I see you” level I can guarantee you’re missing our on more (profitable) recurring business.

Why it’s so important to get deep

Humans are social creatures by nature, and although we may be oblivious to it most of us crave social interactions.

People are many times more likey to buy from you if they have a relationship with you. If a customer likes you, chances are they’re going to keep coming back to you and they’re going to refer you to others.

And of course if they don’t like you, quite the opposite will be true.

Although many business owners are friendly to their customers during the purchase process, most miss the boat during the in-between stages. It’s easy to let the time in-between purchases slip away. It’s easy to get distracted by the many things we have happening in our lives.

Thank you technology

But you know what? Technology has made it much, MUCH easier to stay connected and keep the relationship with your customers strong.

Here are 5 simple and free things you can do immediately to stay better connected with your customers. If you do these I promise you’ll forge a deeper connection with your customers.

5 easy things you can do right now

1)   Buy their products and/or services. This one’s big. If you become a customer of your own customers, they will continue to be a customers of yours. Seems too straight-forward, I know. But it’s surprising how many people don’t practice this easy and powerful thing.

2)   “Friend” your customers on Facebook. Now, this isn’t for everyone. But for the right kind of business this can be massively powerful.

I’ll give you an example. I go to spin class every week. Several of my spin instructors have friended me on Facebook simply to stay connected. When this first happened I thought it was so cool. Our instructors cared enough about their students that they took the time to engage with them outside of class. Even if they don’t really care – which I highly doubt isn’t the case – they sure make it seem like they do (which is what really matters).

3)   Follow any blogs your customers write or subscribe to any newsletters they create. Many people have blogs these days. And if there’s one thing that shows you have an interest in others, following their blog is near the top.

4)   Follow them on Twitter and engage. This one’s easy. Go out of your way to follow your customers on Twitter and engage in converstation. Perhaps you’ll “favorite” or “re-tweet” some of their tweets. Surprisingly people do pay attention to this stuff (enough they might not admit it!)

5)   Connect with them on LinkedIn and endorse. Most professionals have a LinkedIn profile and many are active on it. Connect with your customers and endorse them for capabilities you think they’re worthy to be endorsed for. Praising others goes a long way.

Wrapping it up

Those are the 5 simple steps you can take right now to develop a stronger relationship with your customers. Of course there are MANY other things you can do, and I encourage you to do them (and please leave a comment below with other ideas).

Just remember: technology is your friend. Use it wisely and you can make a big impact for little to no investment.

Your friend,

Dennis Paresa

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